Kids' Craft + Organization

Messy doesn’t always equal fun.  Sometimes, it just equals messy.  We understand that creating things can get messy, but when it comes to creating artwork, we prefer that the mess is contained to the project and not to the organization or setup.  We have found that having a big toolbox of your little ones’ art supplies is a great way to help keep organized; however, is it really practical for everyday artwork?  Often times, our kiddos will get out their toolbox/craft box with the intentions of creating one thing, but because there are so many other things to choose from, most of the crafts end up on the floor, on the table, and sometimes on the wall.  While we adore...

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Social Distancing + Birthdays

Birthdays during social distancing can be fun!  Sure, there may not be the usual friends around the table to sing “Happy Birthday” or the extended family members to help blow out the candles, but the way we choose to approach birthdays during this time can result in pure joy. 

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Legacy in Another Year

Legacy. At the beginning of each year we make resolutions that represent our desire to change, to becoming a better you.  While these things are important and ensure that we are not stagnant beings, I believe that each moment of each day, we choose to leave behind some form of legacy. When we envision people that we deemed as iconic or legends, we often times forget what makes them great. Whether in sports, film, theater, music, politics, research, etc., we often forget their day-to-day of decisions that made them the people, whom we deemed as great, that sit before us. Yesterday, I was blessed to be a part of my Aunt Molly’s legacy.  For New Years, my family and I traveled to...

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Pattern + Wall Design

Wow!  We are finally here.  I have been thinking, envisioning, and literally dreaming of my first blog for months.  So this morning, I decided to put my fears away and dive into this post head first.  My design for my first post has always been a patterned wall featured in a nursery setting.  Nurseries are inspirational to me on so many levels.  I love the clean lines featured on cribs.  I enjoy the simplicity of the furniture.  Most importantly, I admire the innocence that will occupy the space and dreams that will be developed during late night feedings and active exploration throughout the years.  A child’s room is more than a room to me.  It’s an inspirational canvas. Gingham was...

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