Pattern + Wall Design

Pattern + Wall Design

Wow!  We are finally here.  I have been thinking, envisioning, and literally dreaming of my first blog for months.  So this morning, I decided to put my fears away and dive into this post head first.  My design for my first post has always been a patterned wall featured in a nursery setting. 

Nurseries are inspirational to me on so many levels.  I love the clean lines featured on cribs.  I enjoy the simplicity of the furniture.  Most importantly, I admire the innocence that will occupy the space and dreams that will be developed during late night feedings and active exploration throughout the years.  A child’s room is more than a room to me.  It’s an inspirational canvas.

Gingham was the muse behind this safari enthused nursery.  A black and white gingham pattern paired with a half wall wainscot is the canvas for this modern, yet timeless, nursery.  The Magnolia gingham wallpaper was perfect for this project.  It provided a fun watercolor affect with wavy lines that provided a lightness to the childlike nature of the room.  Staying away from the strict lines that most gingham patterns provide was key.  Adding to the imperfect straightness of the wallpaper’s lines created the perfect blend for our wall décor.

Simplicity with a little bit of character completed our design.  We featured our Safari Animal Heads in this classic nursery design.  Each piece head protrudes from the wall and adds dimension to the room.  The safari heads’ wool material is not only durable, but adds texture to the wall.

Last but not least, our Animal Party Parade print adds the perfect touch.  Paired with a simple frame, it becomes a statement piece for the room.  This print also features the original painted brush strokes.

Combining the wall pattern with the animal heads dimension to the simplicity of our animal print creates the perfect blend of classic and fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first design inspiration.  We hope you enjoyed this timeless nursery. 

Create. Color. Write.

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