Legacy in Another Year


At the beginning of each year we make resolutions that represent our desire to change, to becoming a better you.  While these things are important and ensure that we are not stagnant beings, I believe that each moment of each day, we choose to leave behind some form of legacy. When we envision people that we deemed as iconic or legends, we often times forget what makes them great. Whether in sports, film, theater, music, politics, research, etc., we often forget their day-to-day of decisions that made them the people, whom we deemed as great, that sit before us.

Yesterday, I was blessed to be a part of my Aunt Molly’s legacy.  For New Years, my family and I traveled to New Orleans where I was raised. While this trip was sure to bring on memories of driving down Magazine Street, where I attended high school, seeing the beautiful architecture in the French Quarters, and reuniting with family and college friends (especially since my alma mater is in the Sugar Bowl this year), I was eagerly grateful that my trip brought me home for none of these endeavors.  The reason behind the eight-hour car ride was to wish my great aunt a Happy Birthday!

Yes, a happy birthday. While many people were bringing in the new year watching the ball drop, popping firecrackers, my aunt will be celebrating her 100thbirthday.  One hundred years, she has been blessed to walk this earth full of grace, compassion, and love in her heart.  Still of sound mind, Aunt Molly spoke to stories of her childhood, chuckled, and prayed for more years to come.  As the oldest relative of our family (my Uncle Curly, her brother, passed away few years ago at 94), I can’t help but to think about the legacy that she is living and leaving with each generation. 

Today is not only a celebration of a new decade, but also a celebration of a century of birthdays for my Aunt Molly, a legacy that is still in the making.

May your year be filled with moments that create long lasting legacy for you and your loved ones.

Warm Regards, 

Curly & Molly

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