Kids' Craft + Organization

Kids' Craft + Organization

Messy doesn’t always equal fun.  Sometimes, it just equals messy.  We understand that creating things can get messy, but when it comes to creating artwork, we prefer that the mess is contained to the project and not to the organization or setup.  We have found that having a big toolbox of your little ones’ art supplies is a great way to help keep organized; however, is it really practical for everyday artwork?  Often times, our kiddos will get out their toolbox/craft box with the intentions of creating one thing, but because there are so many other things to choose from, most of the crafts end up on the floor, on the table, and sometimes on the wall.  While we adore our little ones’ creativity, we would rather not have tiny cutouts plastered all over the floor. 


What’s the solution?  While the toolbox is a great tool for big projects, we suggest a smaller bag, no bigger than a pencil bag, for daily art supplies.  This is perfect when your little one’s mission is to color, or draw, or paint.  It is ideal for the daily quick art.  This will eliminate the excess glitter, glue, and pipe cleaners.


Fostering a child’s creative side is very important and we would never suggest stopping all creative outlets.  Some of the greatest works of art can be found from the hands of our children.  Try creating a daily art supply bag with the tools only needed for one type of activity and see how it goes.

Create. Color. Write.

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