The idea of Curly & Molly began in 2013 when a middle school science teacher decided to use her passion for kids and design to create custom artwork for families and friends.  Sure, her work ranged from birthday cards to wedding invitations (basically, whatever was asked of her), but her true passion was children's artwork, books, stationary, and invitations.

This passion only grew as her family grew.  Inspired by her own children, and having taught over 1,000 students, she always valued the moments.  The moments of cooking in the kitchen with her oldest daughter.  The moment of experiencing that "Ah-ha" moment of students in her classroom.  These moments became the driving force of Curly & Molly.  Curly & Molly's mission is to create moments that bring families together.  In all you do, never forget to Create. Color. Write.  Welcome to Curly & Molly!