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The beautiful black-orange-and-white Monarch butterflies are known for their mass migration that occurs each winter to California and Mexico.  They are the only butterflies that make such a large journey.  Some even travel up to 3,000 miles! Their colorful patterns warns predators that they are foul tasting and poisonous.
These masks are made with much love in USA.  Felt items can be spot-cleaned or hand-washed in cold water with a mild soap. Lay flat or hang to dry. Washing and drying in a machine will change the shape of the mask, this is not recommended. 


Child Mask- approximately 20" (face + elastic all the way around).  Child Masks fit most children (typically ages 2- 6) with the elastic strap sitting above the ears, around the back of the head. If the Mask is too large, you can tie or safety pin the elastic to temporarily adjust the size. Elastic can be tied or pinned with a safety pin for a more snug fit if the mask is too big. 

While Child Masks pieces may fit children under 3 years of age, they are recommended for children 3+ years old for safety.  Please use caution when giving any items to young children.



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